Contactless pick-up in Lethbridge available
Contactless pick-up in Lethbridge available
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My name is Svenja Sass and I am a mom of two young daughters. 

My favorite things are good adventures and creating things. The first one brought me to Canada, I am from Germany originally. The second one started me sewing with my grandma's sewing machine after I had my first daughter a few years ago. Along with my husband we have traveled a lot and took our eldest daughter on many outdoor adventures, and I was looking for practical and comfortable clothes that still had some style. I had a hard time finding any I liked and seeing how many people were sewing in Germany, and the options for beautiful fabrics and patterns, inspired me to make my own. I realized how little this is being done in Canada and born was the idea to start Sassy Kids.

The brand name came from my nickname Sassy I have had ever since coming to Canada because of my last name. I also believe that kids should be allowed to be a little bit sassy which made this the perfect name. 

Recently we took one year off as a family before our second daughter was born and one memorable experience during this year was seeing cork trees and how cork is being produced in Portugal. This had a huge influence on deciding to tag my clothes with cork labels and it also fit with my personal preference towards natural fibers. The mountain on the emblem represents the two places we've lived, near the Andes and Rocky Mountain ranges, where most of our adventures have taken place. It is also shaped like the German letter Ä, a little reminder of home for me.