Contactless pick-up in Lethbridge available
Contactless pick-up in Lethbridge available
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For a good cause

The idea and initial sewing for Sassy Kids started over two years ago. There were a lot of things that got in the way since then from work, travel and having a second baby. I had finally committed to grow my brand and signed up for a market to start selling my clothes. And then the Corona Virus happened.

I found myself at home taking care of two kids all of a sudden, which left me with no time for myself let alone time to sew. My initial response was to stop sewing for now. It did not feel like the right time to consume or sell clothes. I wanted to support other people, but did not know how being stuck with two kids at home. I felt powerless and sad about all the negativity this brings and will be bringing for people. After the first two weeks I felt like I needed to do something for others and also for my own sanity. Out of this thinking I decided to keep making clothes, but helping people at the same time. Since the start of Sassy Kids almost 500$ have been donated to the Lethbridge Food Bank, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Campaign Zero. 

This is a time to look out for each other, help one another and spread some love, time, money, or whatever you can do safely into the community! Thank you for supporting this idea.